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Outspoken & Random

★As cliche as it sounds, music = life♪
★Constantly needs to be entertained. Don't worry, if you don't entertain me, I'll do it myself.
★Loves drawing hearts, emoticons, and other symbols.
★Dorks are total love to me. If you happen to be one, I need to know you!
★Fave bands include HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, abingdon boys school, Do As Infinity, BUCK-TICK, Evanescence, Backstreet Boys, 소녀시대, 東方神起.
★Fave artists include 浜崎あゆみ, 安室奈美恵, Leah Dizon, 西野カナ, immi, OLIVIA, Florence + the Machine, Marina & the Diamonds, Katy Perry, Rie fu.
★Fave Colours: purple, red, green, black; neon colours in general.
★I say "seriously" and "really" a lot.
★I have a serious addiction towards saving random graphics.
★Six (6) is my lucky number while three (3) is my life number.
★I abhor isms of any sort, i.e racism, classism, sexism, etc.
★Currently in the process of learning Mandarin Chinese.
Thanks to ♥ Ichiruki ♥
The rain wouldn't stop falling..